Cone Crusher Manufacturer

Cone Crushers is a type of compression Crusher Machine that reduces materials by compressing the feed material between a moving portion of steel and stationary portion of steel, these machine used by aggregate, coal, concrete, crushing, fracking sand, and mining industries. End sizing and reduction is determined by the shut side setting or the space between the two crushing parts at the lowest point. Cone Crushers are tough and harsh creeks and pits such as granite, basalt and andesite. These crushing machines are rugged, reliable, and designed to break the materials and used as secondary and tertiary crusher. The working rule of Cone Crusher is to break the materials with the effect of pressure, cutting and bending.

Application: Sand and gravel field, Mining & Construction, Concrete Sand, Dry Mortar & Power plant desulfurization

Features of Cone Crusher

  • Hard Core Casted machine body
  • High evaluated Arrangement
  • Automatic tramp discharge structure
  • Hydraulic CSS Gap adjustment structure
  • Approved Quality
  • Highly precise shaft
  • Manganese Concave and Mantle
  • Exact bevel gears